Dr. Randall J. Dyck






IBM Master certification in Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Network Security 2018


Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (Instructor Excellence Award) 2015


Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (C#.NET, VB.NET, XML, ASP, ADO, SQL Server) 2008


Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Information Systems Audit & Control Association, USA 2007


Doctorate in Business and Technology (PhD) Northcentral University, Prescott, Arizona, USA 2005

Investigated complexities in computer development (Specializations: Electronic Commerce and Supply Chains)


Fellow, Certified in Management (FCIM) Canadian Institute of Management, Toronto, Canada 1999


Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 1998

(Specializations: Accounting and Finance)


Certificate in Advanced Accounting - Red River Community College, Winnipeg, Canada 1982


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Brandon University, Brandon, Canada 1979

(Majors: Computer Science and Mathematics)


PROFESSIONAL DESIGNATIONS: (Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals, USA)


CSP - Certified Systems Professional (systems analysis, project management)

CCP - Certified in Scientific Systems (statistics, pattern identification)

CCP - Certified in Operating Systems (configuration, databases)

CCP - Certified in Business Systems (design, development)

CDP - Certified in Data Processing (administration)


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: (20 years in industry designing computers for business processes)


08/2005 Present Southern Alberta Institute Technology (Instructor) > 1,500 students taught


Conducting ORACLE and SQL Server database courses (35 times)

Conducting Mobile development courses (5 times) Android, IOT

Conducting Programming courses (45 times) - C#, VB.NET

Conducting Business courses (10 times) Finance


01/2011 Present University of Lethbridge (Professor) > 800 students taught


Conducting IT courses (25 times) MGT3061 Information Systems, MGT3862 E-Commerce,

and MGT3070 Supply Chains


08/2005 12/2010 University of Phoenix (Professor) > 2,000 students taught


Conducted courses in Computer Concepts (5 times), E-Commerce (5 times), Accounting,

Statistics (25 times), Finance (10 times), and Marketing (5 times)


08/2000 - 06/2008 DeVry University (Professor) > 2,000 students taught


Conducted ORACLE database courses (20 times)

Conducted Programming courses (20 times) C#, VB.NET, C, Java

Conducted Business Systems Development courses (20 times)


04/1998 - 07/2000 Cambridge Consultants (Consultant)


Constructed software tools to evaluate firms and their technological environments.

Conducted feasibility studies to assess financial benefits and organizational impacts of systems.


08/1996 - 03/1998 Mark's Work Wearhouse (POS/EDI Specialist)

Designed billing and bank reconciliation systems across departments.

Improved transaction processing by interfacing databases to banking networks.

Supervised installs of applications and DB/2 databases throughout national locations.


02/1992 - 07/1996 Richer and Associates (Consultant)

Implemented EDI and integrated inventory systems to cut costs and paperwork.

Connected banking systems to internal DB/2 and ORACLE systems for better controls.

Developed a Point of Sale system to lower training times and reduce operating costs.


11/1986 - 01/1992 I.S.I. Infosystems (Consultant)

Created financial systems to improve revenue generation and auditing controls.

Designed a national service system to increase revenues and customer service.

Converted databases to reduce development efforts for ORACLE and DB/2.

Led the design, development, and implementation teams.


02/1984 - 10/1986 JDA Software Services (Senior Analyst)


Designed inventory cost control systems and sales performance queries for national retailers.

Created automated systems for payroll scheduling to reduce budget expenses.

Improved company communications by implementing global email systems.


06/1979 - 01/1984 Group West Management (Analyst)


Designed and built accounting, transportation scheduling, and airline ticket auditing systems.

Created conversion tools to speed up the transfer of applications between databases.

Developed tools for reporting, system documentation, and program generation.




Information Technology and Systems Journal - Software complexity issues (ssrn)

Communications of ACM - Doctoral program evaluation (editorial)

News 3X/400 - Attaching business systems to the Internet

Internet World - Internet access techniques




Computerized Financial Systems (2014, October)

E-Commerce Concepts (2014, January)




SYNON International Conference - Interfacing software to financial institutions

Calgary Oracle Users Group - Data warehousing and Data mining techniques

(coug.ab.ca June 10, 2010 and November 15, 2015)




CIO Summit Conference (2 times) Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Synon International Conference (2 times) San Diego, California, USA

Internet World Conference (2 times) San Jose, California, USA

World Wide Unix Conference - San Francisco, California, USA

CISA Technology Conference - Singapore




IBM Mainframes, IBM AS/400 (iSeries), Unix, Microsoft

Oracle, SQL Server, DB/2, Access

C/C++/C#.NET, Visual Basic.NET,  Javascript





Have travelled in Canada, USA, UK, Mexico, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea.